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Industries & Applications

  • Laboratory Physicochemical Analysis Industry

    Laboratory Physicochemical Analysis Industry

    Wofly Technology provides a gas pipeline gas supply system used in a full range of laboratory industries to meet the requirements and safety of different experimental instruments. perform double bottle (multi-bottle) with manual, semi-automatic, automatic switching function, low voltage alarm dev...
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  • Solar Photovoltaic Industry

    Solar Photovoltaic Industry

    Special gases mainly include high purity gases, electronic gases, standard gases, electronic special gases (referred to as electronic special temperatures) is a heavy branch, it is an ultra-large scale integrated circuit (IC), a flat display device (LCD, LED, OLED), solar cell and other electroni...
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  • High-purity Gas Pipeline Five Tests

    High-purity Gas Pipeline Five Tests

    High purity gas special gas pipeline five tests: pressure test, helium leak detection, particle content test, oxygen content test, water content test equipment main road is mainly a variety of special gases, and the test items are required:withstand voltage test, pressure test, helium inspection ...
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  • High Purity Chemical Concentration Water Supply System

    High-purity chemicals are a key supporting material manufacturing of large-scale integrated circuits and oversized integrated circuits, mainly used for cleaning, etching, etching, and high-energy battery electrolytes, electronic components, high-end general chips, discrete, flat panel displays, S...
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  • Medical concentrated gas supply system

    With the rapid development of medical undertakings, clinical medical and medical scientific research requires more and more medical gases, such as oxygen, laughter (nitrous oxide), compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum and ring Oxygen ethane and the like. According to the different needs of the hospit...
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  • Industrial Gas Filled Pipeline System

    Industrial gases can be divided into industrial pure gas and industrial mixture of industrial pure gas and industrial or multi-gases of a single variety gas. In the National Standard ‘Bottle Compressed Gas Classification’ (GB16163-1996), it is classified according to the physical state and critic...
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  • TFT-LCD industry

    The process special gas used in the TFT-LCD manufacturing process CVD deposition process: silane (S1H4), ammonia (NH3), phosphorne (pH3), laughter (N2O), NF3, etc., and in addition to the process process High purity hydrogen and high purity nitrogen and other large gases. Argon gas is used in the...
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  • Semiconductor Industry

    The Encapsulation is necessary for the semiconductor electronic chip manufacturing process. For integrated circuits, packaging technology is very critical. In addition to providing advanced production equipment, production lines, stability, security equipment is essential. The packaging equipment...
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  • GDS / GMS gas detection alarm system

    GDS / GMS gas detection alarm system monitors the monitoring control system of inert, flammable, toxic gas leakage. The system is based on an open system structure, with system equipment (platforms) with other brands, integration and information exchange, including MODBU...
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  • Workshop gas centralized gas supply system

    Workshop gas concentrated supply systems - - Available in a versatile intention of being adopted. It is mainly used by the source, switching device, pressure regulating device, terminal gas point, monitoring and alarm assembly. Briefly, concentrated air supply systems tr...
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  • Big Electronic Gas Supply Gas System

    It refers to the establishment of a general gas supply system used by a general semiconductor plant. The company provides professional high-purity air supply system to turn key-based overall solutions, and has achieved semiconductor mills, LCD factories and photovoltaic ...
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  • Electronic special gas system

    Electronic special gas system refers to the general name of devices, pipelines, and components of special gases, transport and distribution processes. The special gas system engineering is an engineering that implements safe use of special gas system. Special gas system ...
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